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Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes P. (2018). The sound world of guitar multiphonics.

In M. Doğantan-Dack &, J. Dack (Eds.), Music and sonic art: Theories and practices.

Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Retrievable from http://ritatorres.eu/05-MuSA-Chapter5-Torres-Lopes.pdf

Torres, R. (2015). A new chemistry of sound: The technique of multiphonics as a compositional

element for guitar and amplified guitar. (Doctoral thesis). Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Retrievable from http://repositorio.ucp.pt/bitstream/10400.14/21230/1/Rita Torres - A New Chemistry of Sound.pdf

[Addenda et corrigenda]

Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes P. (2014). Guitar multiphonics: Influence of amplification.

In T. Klouche, E. R. Miranda (Eds.), 9th Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology – CIM14: Proceedings, pp. 276-279.

Berlin: Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung. [scanned paper]

Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes, P. (2014). Towards overcoming the guitar's color research gap.

Revista Vórtex, 2(1), 16-36. Retrievable from http://vortex.unespar.edu.br/torres_v2_n1.pdf

Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes, P. (2013). Guitar multiphonics: Notations for a formalized approach.

In F. Scarduelli, & F. Aguera (Eds.), VII Simpósio Académico de Violão: Anais do evento, pp. 263-281. Curitiba: EMBAP.

Retrievable from http://www.embap.pr.gov.br/arquivos/File/simposio/violao2014/Anais_do_VII_Simposio_EMBAP.pdf

Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes, P. (2012). Multiphonics as a Compositional Element in Writing for Amplified Guitar (1).

Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society’s 2012 Annual Conference: Proceedings, pp. 73-83.

Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes, P. (2012). Multiphonics as a Compositional Element in Writing for Amplified Guitar (1) [Rev.].

Emille, 10, 55-65. Retrievable from http://keams.org/emille/emille/emille_10/1-6_torres&ferreira-lopes.pdf

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Torres, R., & Ferreira-Lopes, P. (2012). Multiphonics as a Compositional Element in Writing for Amplified Guitar (2).

Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, 4(1), 61-69. DOI: 10.7559/citarj.v4i1.67

Retrievable from http://artes.ucp.pt/citarj/article/view/67/37 [Corrigenda]

Torres, R. (2008). Von der punktuellen zur statistischen Zeitwahrnehmung: Stockhausens

"...wie die Zeit vergeht..." und seine Rezeption. (B.A. dissertation). Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe.

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